SPN ANNUAL MEETING Grand Rapids, MI | Sept. 29 – Oct. 2

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ArtPrize 2012 1
Grand Rapids Local Picks

In 2014, both Lonely Planet and Huffington Post named Grand Rapids their #1 pick for U.S. travel destinations. And for good reason. The second largest city in Michigan, Grand Rapids is charming and lively, delighting locals and travelers alike with art, culture, history, food, and enterprise. As you plan your trip to Grand Rapids for […]

24 July
Patti Morrow
2014 Unsung Hero: Patti Morrow

Patti Morrow was honored with the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation’s 2014 Unsung Hero Award at the State Policy Network 22nd Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. Below is the speech she gave upon accepting the award. It has been posted here with her permission. To nominate someone in your community for the 2015 Unsung Hero Award, […]

26 June
Q&A with the 2014 Great Communicator

The liberty movement has a challenge to face. Many Americans no longer seem to understand or appreciate the value of freedom. Until they comprehend how liberty outweighs perceived security in their quality of life, we may be creating solutions for problems people don’t know or believe they have. As movement, our task is to help […]

18 June

Countdown To Annual Meeting